Make your free hookups dream happen

I remember when I was in high school and a buddy of mine came rushing through the gym doors and excitedly telling us that he found a website where you can score free hookups. Site is called I still remember that.. I’m telling you right now, the amount of towels, garbage and even garbage cans thrown at that dude was just shocking. I was surprised that he didn’t die. I mean, people just drove him out with laughter, ridicule and physical attacks. Of course, it was just a joke and I hope he took it as a joke, but we didn’t see him in the gym lockers area for a long time after that incident.

Well, it turns out that Oscar was on to something. He kind of disappeared for a months after that and he kind of kept to himself. I made up with him after high school while I was in college and Oscar was hooking left and right. I’m not talking about hooking up with your typical fat, unattractive or crazy chick. Most guys can score with them. I’m talking like grade A, top-of- the- shelf material here. These chicks look like they take care of their bodies, they’re great at conversation, they’re sharp as a whip. These chicks have it going on. And I was just besides myself talking to Oscar because, let’s face it, Oscar isn’t exactly Brad Pitt material. Also, Oscar is like one step away from getting kicked out of college and doesn’t have a job.

So, what gives? Very simple: he understood how free hookups worked and he was able to forge together an online persona that women of those websites simply couldn’t resist. Put simply, he figured out how to play the game and he played it like a master. Well, this really blew my mind because most guys have free hookups dreams, you know, who wouldn’t want to have many different women at the same night. Who wouldn’t want to have several women fighting over them, right?

So, I swallowed my pride and started taking Oscar out to lunch more often and basically became his student and I&’m telling you, this dude is a gold mine of practical information on how to get pussy. It’s no surprise why he hooks up the way he does. I think he should write a book because I’m sure people would pay top dollar for this information.